Volcano in Arequipa Starts Activity

Volcano in Arequipa Starts Activity

The volcano Sabancaya, located in the province of Caylloma (Arequipa), emitted fumaroles of ash that reached 2000 meters above the crater, The emitted ash took as south-southeast direction of the volcano.

This natural phenomenon causes earthquake in the population is expected that by the wind the ash is dispersed within a radius of 30 kilometers. It should be mentioned that the affected districts are Lluta and Huanca in the region of Arequipa.

Specialists recommend local residents to protect themselves by using face masks and lenses to prevent contact of ash with eyes and respiratory tract, and to protect water sources. In addition, it was suggested that the competent authorities and institutions conduct a permanent assessment of the impact of ash on the water, soil, air and human health.

It extends the recommendation for tourists or explorers to refrain from approaching much to the area so as not to suffer respiratory or visual problems due to the ash and smoke that is carried by the wind

The Sabancaya is an active volcano that erupted at the end of 2016. It is located 70 km from the city of Arequipa and 20 from the district of Maca in Caylloma.

Puno, one of the best destinations for rural community tourism

Puno, one of the best destinations for rural community tourism

Puno is one of the most important tourist regions of Peru. Its colorful landscapes and the  Lake Titicaca are a focus of attraction for national and foreign visitors who want to know our country.

Therefore, a new way of tourism: captivating, retailer and that will create ties of friendship between the visitor and the locals, through the community rural tourism.

According to information from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), there are currently six packages available in the Puno region that allow visitors to know the destinations Amantaní, Llachón, Taquile, Uros, Atuncolla and Ccotos.

Through the experience, the villagers will be able to share with their visitors their unique lifestyle, such as participating in their traditional ceremonies, fishing activities, build totora rafts, among others.

These tourist packages were elaborated by entrepreneurs, who received technical assistance, for that reason, attention is guaranteed, as well as diverse services such as lodging, food, among others.

In this way, families, couples, groups or those who enjoy traveling alone can enjoy captivating scenes, authentic activities, and tourism products of high added value, which create ties of unity and strengthens the values ​​between people from the comunities and outsiders.

As it is remembered today, Puno celebrates every year the festivity of the Virgen de la Candelaria, proclaimed Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. This celebration brings together dancers from various regions of Peru, in addition to the significant presence of domestic and foreign tourists. For this reason, visitors who attend this festival can take advantage of knowing the rural communities of Puno through community rural tourism.

Government Invests 18 million in Paracas National Reserve

Government Invests 18 million in Paracas National Reserve

During 2009, the Paracas National Reserve received 90,000 tourists. Due to the constant improvements and the high level of conservation, last year it obtained 327,952 visitors and this 2017 is expected to reach more than 400,000. One of the keys to success is due to the articulated work of various entities at hand with the population.

This investment, made through the National Copesco Plan, an entity attached to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), achieved the construction of viewpoints with sun and shade roof areas, checkpoints, parking lots, as well as floors with motifs Nasca and Paracas, infographics and hygienic services.

Among the works carried out, the Supay viewpoint stands out, where adventure sports such as paragliding are practiced; The Cathedral viewpoint, privileged by a close view of the rock formation with the same name; The Istmo viewpoint, a point to appreciate the bays of Paracas and Lagunilla that consists of parking, rest areas, among others.

Teleferico Opens in Kuelap

Teleferico Opens in Kuelap

With the presence of President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Eduardo Ferreyros, this Thursday inaugurated the System of Telecabinas de Kuélap, a work that will boost tourism in the Amazon region.

Minister Ferreyros said that this work will allow tourists to have a means of transport that will facilitate the visit to the Fortress of Kuélap, one of the most important archaeological sites in the country. This is the first gondola system in Peru. Approximately S / 71 million was invested in its construction.

“The Kuélap gondola system will boost the tourism development of Amazonas, will foster the creation and improvement of tourism and other tourism-related enterprises that contribute to the social and economic development of the region. In addition, it will support the diversification of the national tourist supply, “Ferreyros said.

In 2016 they visited a total of 56,010 Kuelap Fortress, an increase of 54% compared to the previous year. Thus, the arrival of 45 397 national tourists and 10 613 foreign visitors.